My Walkabout

As my departure date nears, I am realizing that I’m not quite ready. Passport—Check! Visa—Check! Plane Ticket—Check! Hotel Reservations—Check! TV dinners for husband stocked and ready in the fridge—Check! Still, I have a few more things to do and somehow I got hit with an overtime project to write about Volt/VAR this weekend. Don’t know … More My Walkabout


Can anyone keep up with the news of the day? I’m giving up everything and digging in. I thought at first: just ignore it, everything will sort itself out. Who am I anyway, just a peon, a nobody. My opinions don’t matter, not in the big picture. I’m not rich. I don’t have millions of … More HOLY Cow!

The Dhammapada

Introduced and Translated by Eknath Easwaran; @2007 Nigiri Press, 275 pages. Dhammapada means “the path of truth, righteousness.” These are the teachings of Prince Siddhartha Gautama once he became the Buddha. If you’re like me, some if this may need a bit of explaining. And since I am new to Buddhism, I will probably get … More The Dhammapada