Abigail Washburn

Abigail’s fascination with China led her to combine American Old Time music with Chinese folk music. After the song in the video below, there is an interview with her. One of the things I found interesting was that the banjo, and its associated music, originally came from Africa—so Abigail’s combination is actually, at its core, an African/Chinese hybrid.


9 thoughts on “Abigail Washburn

  1. When I lived in the Appalachian mountains, there was a radio station that played nothing but mountain, old time, and Irish music. At least a dozen times a day, I said to myself while driving, that mountain music really went with the roads. Honestly, there was nothing like driving to and fro, whilst listening to traditional music. The music was there long before the roads, and it was like the roads curved and bent to the music.


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