NaNoWriMo Day 16: Building a Bridge

English: Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco ...
English: Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco at sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night after work, I went home, found some flash cards, and proceeded to write my plot points on them, one plot point per card. As I’m writing my plot points down, I tell my husband how tired I feel. He says I should go work out. I snarl. He was right, of course. But, not having all the time in the world, last night I made the choice to stay with the novel. Today I’ll lift weights.

Today, I’m also planning to build a bridge. The book Building Better Plots by Robert Kernen instructs us to identify our novel’s inciting incident and our climax. Then you build a bridge. Work out from your inciting incident and back from the climax. So last night, I worked out from my inciting incident. Today I’ll work back from my climax. Identifying the climax was easy thematically, but hard to do as action. What I came up with was kind of hack. So maybe I’ll re-evaluate that too. A friend from work who has written three novels offered some encouraging words, but since I’m a perfectionist, these words had to filter through deaf ears.

Ultimately, I am hoping that the two ends will join in the middle. If not, Plan 2 is to begin writing all of those scenes, and hope for an epiphany that will draw the two sides together.

Last night, I slept through the night. None of this waking up at 1:30 or 2:00 or 3:00. I slept until 5 a.m. First time in weeks. I feel fantastic. OK, maybe not fantastic. I feel moderately fantastic.

The snow has turned into rain. And, I’m missing someone who would make me go outside and stand in it with her.


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