Sharing the Bed With My Dog

Your warm body
rests partially on mine,
pushing me over,
opening a place for yourself on the bed.

I brace my hand
palm flat
against the floor.
Enslaved by your comfort, I
easily surrender
my territory
at three times your body weight.

I never worry about fire,
completely certain that you
will be one of those heroic dogs,
so well-practiced
are we
with wake-up drills
every morning at
4 a.m.

You begin with anxious signs
strategically exhaled
on my exposed ear.
bury my head,
hoping my pillow will protect me.
Growing impatient, you gingerly
astute to the laws of physics,
edge your regal snout
under my throat,
which yields.

Your head,
hard as a brick,
pushes under my neck,
then my sternum,
until suddenly,
I am upright.

and amused by your ingenuity,
I get out of bed,
walk to the kitchen,
and get your breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Bed With My Dog

  1. That is the best poem I’ve ever read! Lol! Although I don’t let my dogs sleep in bed with me I can relate. I remember before my cat allergies got out of control and I used to let my cat sleep in bed with me. Every morning the alarm would go off and Chester would be right at my side waiting for me to pet him. If I tried to get up without petting him he would sit on my chest or my lap, making it impossible.

    My St. Bernard, Charlie, is very vocal. He nudges the door handles when he’s ready to go out and if you ignore him he will bark until you get up and either feed him his supper or let him out back. Outside he will bark to let you know he’s ready to come inside. If you ignore him, he will continue until you let him in. Haha! My other dog Libby is so quiet you’d never even know she’s there. She’s been caught up in her leash and it started raining and she still wouldn’t bark for help…She could take some pointers from Charlie.


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