My interest in Cuba developed like this…

CubaAs a kid, I loved the rhythms of Cuban music.

One day, in Austin, Texas, a friend gave me a ticket to Austin City Limits.  Buena Vista Social Club was playing.

I heard Ibrahim Ferrer in person.

I bought the album.

I listened to it—a lot.

One day, as an adult I was bored and decided to take the Spanish class that was offered at work.

It uplifted my spirits. I had been very depressed, but the class offered a break from all that.

Searching for music in Spanish, I found Gloria Esteban’s: 90 Millas.

I love this CD! All of it.

I played this CD and learned some of the songs and translated some of the songs.

Spanish classes continued.

I bought a book of Cuban poetry. English/Spanish version.

Found a poem I really liked. Shared it.

Continued to study Spanish.

Joined DuoLingo.

Continued to study Spanish.

Guy at work told me that Cuba has a wonderful environment, not spoiled by corporate development.

Wondered at this statement.

Watched show on PBS about Cuba.

Was no longer tempted to go there.

Started listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

Learned more about Cuba.

Was horrified by its history.

That’s where I am now.


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