Dan Carlin’s Excellent Podcasts

Check out Dan Carlin's blog and surf to Amazon to buy books from his reading list.
Check out Dan Carlin’s blog and surf to Amazon to buy books from his reading list. You’ll have to scroll down on Dan’s page to see the book list.

Today I successfully, (I think), linked my Word Wabbit Facebook account to the Word Wabbit blog, so if you prefer to get your blog notifications via Facebook, this should now be working. This is a test to see if it does.

Today, as I read Countdown to Zero Day by Kim Zetter, I can’t help but think about a recent podcast done by Dan Carlin called “Show 42 Logical Insanity,” which shows up in his Hardcore History series. In this podcast, Dan talks about how humans can shift our perspectives in evaluating war crimes, atrocities, and crimes against humanity to make them seem logical and necessary. That’s a pretty impressive mental trick if you ask me and I wanted to learn more.

Dan discusses the firestorms and bombing of civilians in World War II. After listening, I find myself baffled by two things. One is I’m baffled that I never heard anything about this in my history classes. And two, I’m baffled that it happened at all.

And maybe I’ve been listening to too much Dan, but hearing about World War II and what led to the U.S. leadership justifying the need to drop the atomic bomb, I’m becoming worried about what’s in store for us in our next world war.

This makes the storyline of Countdown to Zero Day much more compelling as I gain a greater understanding of the importance of tracking who in the world is enriching uranium. And I’m replaying the Bush (II) years in my mind, which I still don’t have a handle on.

So that’s my weekly plug for Dan Carlin. Dan—you’re welcome. 🙂

Stay tuned for the upcoming post on Countdown to Zero Day. And check out Dan’s reading list, shown in the graphic above. A larger, more legible version is on his website.


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