Pre-Trip Heart Attack

It’s been my experience that there is always going to be a pre-trip heart attack. There is always going to be that moment when you realize that you don’t have something that is absolutely critical—with the upshot being that you are completely and totally screwed.

For me, that moment happened this morning. Just five hours before heading off to UHaul to pick up the moving truck, just two days before we intend to hit the road—forever—to be “off the grid” for the next 9 weeks—in the wee hours of the morning, it came back to me that my husband told me yesterday that he had gotten pulled over and couldn’t produce proof of vehicular insurance—that critical little piece of paper that will convince UHaul to let us drive away with their 26-foot long truck this morning!

As one part of my mind worked on figuring out how I was completely blameless for this turn of events and my sleeping husband was, of course, the villain—thankfully, the other part of my brain woke up and started working on a solution.

That’s when I realized, as an added bonus, that we also did not know the location of the keys to our house in Portland and I wasn’t exactly sure where the title was either.

Everything is packed. There is absolutely no place these items could be but in the enormous mound of boxed-up stuff. Stuff I’ve been working on boxing, at first slowly and then quickly, for well over a year.

My mind turned it over again and again. Call the insurance agent tomorrow—but it’ll take forever to get the new cards and we won’t have a mailing address that is usable after two days. We’ll never get them in time. Etc. Etc.

Then it dawned on me. The Internet!

All I had to do was go to my insurance provider’s site and print out our proof of vehicular insurance from there.

It was so simple, so easy. If only I can keep stress from shuttingoff my brain for a few more days. Just a few more days!

Then, in the last box that hasn’t yet been taped, that’s still open, I found the keys to our house, buried yes, but there.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Heart Attack

  1. HaHa! That is a good story. You know in India nobody-and I mean nobody- would dream of hiring a truck and driving their stuff themselves when they shift homes. We hire tucks from companies who manage to deposit your stuff with only one leg of the dining table broken and just a bit of the headboard from the bed chopped off and all your plants dead. Being an army officer’s daughter I have done this every 2 years for the first 20 of my life and it is no fun, although I loved packing it all up with long lists of what box contains what. I don’t think India will ever have the road culture that exists in the West. Enjoy your trip. Stop at all the famous roadside eateries. And for God’s sake don’t pick up any hitchhikers! Will look forward to reading about your adventures when you get there. Good Luck 🙂


    1. That’s a lot of moving! We’re managing to save around $600 by doing the moving ourselves—that and I wasn’t impressed with the movers available. We have one more night after tonight. Stuff keeps showing up on counters and in closets. Endless stuff even though I have given so much away.

      Thanks for the well wishes! I like hearing about India. 🙂

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