Hoh Rain Forest

Part of Olympic National Park, the Hoh Rain Forest is a popular tourist destination. With over 80 sites to choose from, the campsite is first come first serve. Loop C has sites next to the Hoh River but with the drawback that there doesn’t seem to be public access to the river so other campers may be eyeing your site to see if they can walk through.

There are three trails within walking distance from the camp. Two are loop trails and one is a trail with access to several overnight and multi day backcountry hiking sites.

Since I am not an experienced backpacker, I did the two shorter trails and a day version of the long trail. There are high populations of maples and red alders, making me think that fall would be a beautiful time to visit. Temperatures at night in June were around 58 degrees. I found that changing clothes before bed was essential to being warm at night. I also used an emergency blanket a couple of nights for roasty toasty warmth.

The camp has potable water. A big plus. The forest service only works on weekends, making it feel a little isolated when there aren’t too many campers there.


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