Lake Quinault Lodge

The place where FDR signed Olympic National Park into official national park status, Lake Quinault Lodge is a heavenly place.


Lake Quinault Lodge

The lodge was built in 1926 as a replacement for the original hotel which burned down and now notably boasts a tremendously beautiful lawn extending down to Lake Quinault.

An interesting point close to my own heart is that the piano in the lodge today was rescued from the original hotel—meaning that more than one strong man was fool enough to run into a burning building to heft it out.

Eating at the lodge is my only complaint. Aramark owns the lodge and they seem perfectly fine with taking advantage of the establishment’s remote location. While prices are high, quality and service are not. Save yourself, eat across the street at the Mercantile. They have great service, friendly staff, and reasonable prices along with a diverse menu.

Of note about the lodge: rooms don’t have phones, Internet, television, refrigerators, or microwaves. But there is a game room and a swimming pool. You can also swim at the lake and each night a group gathers by the lake for conversation around a campfire.




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    1. I’m traveling right now and can’t seem to like your western toilet rant, but OMG it was hilarious! My husband and I laughed at nearly every line! You are such a good writer!! Absolutely agree about the public toilets. Gross. Hugging it out with any toilet is gross and usually just the territory of our youth. Your comments on the paper business make sense. Enough said.:–)

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