This morning I find myself thinking about stereotypes. In particular I’m thinking of the granola crunching Birkenstock wearing type so many of my friends have come to associate with the northwest United States. It occurs to me that if you think about clothing as tools, which I have begun to do on this extended camping trip, then the gear so often typifying the nothwesterner could be easily explained. To fully enjoy this landscape you need a uniform of sorts. Light windbreaker for the wind and rain in moderate temperatures. Sandals for the beach. I prefer Keens to Birkenstocks because I don’t like the way Birkenstocks fit. No umbrella because no umbrella could ever withstand the constant opening and closing it would have to endure. Not to mention the repetitive arm movement injuries that would surely result. Granola because it’s easy to carry on long camping trips. No shower because of all the camping and hiking because this is such a beautiful place—who wouldn’t sacrifice a shower to see just a little bit more.

Anyway these are my excuses for falling so naturally into this role.


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