Lake Crescent Log Cabins

Even though FDR signed the paperwork creating the Olympic National Park at Lake Quinault, he stayed the night at Lake Crescent. When I heard this detail, the question for me was why. Why move on when Lake Quinault is so lovely? What was so alluring about Lake Crescent that prompted an approximate 100-mile journey for the president? Well, regardless I don’t think he stayed at the cabins which are far from presidential.

Rustic yes but the way the hills jut into Lake Crescent make for impressive and varied views. This lake is amazingly beautiful and the Log Cabin Resort seems both remote and accessible. Only 30 miles from Port Angeles, the log cabins are near enough to civilization that I finally have cell phone service while the night sky is still crisp and bright.

The Log Cabin Resort is spendy, but deals can be had in Spring. Again, this resort is owned by Aramark, and many cabins do not have the usual amenities as similarly priced hotel rooms. No refrigerator, no microwave, no tv, no phone, no bathroom, and no sink. (Some cabins do have bathrooms, but you’ll spend a penny or two to get it.)

Shockingly there is no place that supplies complimentary water (except for a small container in the lobby which isn’t always available) and the sink in the community bathroom forces you to hold the faucet in place for a steady stream of water.

And it’s cold. Notice the gap under the door? Brrrrr. Otherwise this place is a dream. You can swim in the lake and also rent all kinds of boating equipment. Also, the complimentary breakfast is good, even without water. This resort gets fairly busy with locals, a little different feel from the snobby elitist feel of Lake Quinault Lodge.


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