Today I came home early…

Today I came home early
He’s here, but he doesn’t come downstairs

That’s usual these days

He doesn’t call to me either
Also usual

The dog’s leash is hanging on the door knob, so I know he’s in the house

Then I see the dog
She’s asleep on the floor

I don’t know what to expect as I walk lightly
Up the stairs

Meditation music whispers through his door
which is shut
like usual

I open the door slowly
And he is there
On the floor
Flat on his back
Shirtless, eyes closed, rib cage defined, stomach sunk in

He doesn’t know I’m there
And I watch him for a moment
He is serene


What’s going through his mind?
Should I let him know I’m here?
Clear my throat?
Back up and come in again?


I close the door, nearly all the way

He’s still breathing.
That’s enough.


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