Blog Suspended!

So a few days ago, this blog, the blog I’ve been blogging for, what, nearly four years, was suspended. This happened just as I hit “Publish” on my post All Roads Lead to India. And just like that, my access to my blog was canceled. No explanation. Nothing.

At first I thought my site was hacked—by the Russians!

Or, by the Ukrainians!

By someone who works at Adobe!

I slipped into complete paranoia. I just couldn’t figure it out. What had I done?

It was embarrassing too because I had just shared several links with my boss, who depending on when she tried accessing them, may have seen that my site had been suspended.

So, I followed the links and there was a notice that said something like, “if you feel this action was taken in error, notify us as soon as possible.” So I did. What do you say to a message like this? —> Hey, what’s up. I’ve been blogging for years. What happened?

No one ever responded, but within about ten hours my blog was reinstated as was my access.

So I have a theory. My post about India, which I’ve linked to above, had all kinds of words that might have created automatic flags from an automatic reviewer program. I won’t repeat them here, but I can count 27 words, that when used together, could have raised some robotic bot eyebrows.

I know I don’t own this program. Far from it.

I know I don’t have any rights as I sit here blogging away. I live under some assumption that my work here is my own and that I have some kind of control. When, in reality, I am blogging at the pleasure of WordPress, which can withhold its pleasure if it wishes.

It’s revealing of our times.

It’s frightening.

So goodnight dear friends. Let us hope we can live to blog another day.

And we will as long as we satisfy our robot overlords that we are worthy.

And peaceful.

Let us assume nothing.

So much for free speech.

For some reason, Dovlatov comes to mind.

RIP Sergei.



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