iPhones in India – how does that work?

I’ve been told that for someone who knows basically nothing about India, the safest way to get around is via Uber or Ola. And this, it seems, is going require that I have a phone. Plus, I’ll want to coordinate with my friend and others may want to reach me.

The phone I use every day is a cheap Tracfone. I pay about $100 a year on  the phone. That’s not to say that I don’t drool when my friends pull out their iPhones. I absolutely do.

So, just as this trip to India has led me to buy tons of books, a few kurtis, a sari, a money belt, passport, some pantaloons, selfie stick, bangles, toe rings, an Indian style wedding ring for my right hand, the first Spanx of my life, safety pins, dc converter/charger, eyelash curler (pending other makeup, some earrings?, a petticoat, sandals, luggage, and a visa), now I am in the market for a refurbished iPhone.

Full Stop India is the very best site I have found so far for an explanation of how to situate yourself phone-wise in India.

Basically, India runs on GSM and CDMA networks. iPhone 5 can connect to GSM, CDMA, and CTE networks. You want to make sure the phone is “unlocked.”

Once in India, you want to purchase a nano-SIM card to avoid the hefty charges from your home carrier. Packages are available through Vodofone, Tata Docomo, Airtel, Reliance Communications, and BSNL.

Plus, there is something about how your nano-SIM card package will be tied to your visa. To purchase the SIM card, you need your passport, visa, and consumer application form, which requires a local reference, which can be your hotel.


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