The most terrifying Indian garment – the sari

You do what with what?

I bought my sari today, the one I think I’ll be wearing at my friend’s wedding. After much research, I decided to avoid the following colors: black, white, red, and green.

I figured that blue or teal would be safe. After searching about the Internet, I found MadhMama’s website who talked about the symbols of marriage, and then someone somewhere recommended, and I fell in LOVE with the clothes there. For a moment I reconsidered my whole ethic identity. Indian clothes are so beautiful!

So here it is:


This, of course, is not me.

The another question emerges. Will I need to hold my hand on my hip like that the whole night? What happens if I move freely? Because basically this is a very long piece of cloth wrapped around the body. The woman has a blouse on and a petticoat. So far, I have not figured out the shoes or the petticoat.

I have two months until the wedding, plenty of time to learn how to put on and wear a sari. Right?


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