Nov 26, 2008—Mumbai

I watched this video last night in horror and fascination. I think it’s interesting because at the end, one of the young men was caught and questioned. Getting some background him, how he was sold by his family into this situation, how he came from a poor village, how desperate his situation was because of poverty—these things were things I had not heard before.

While it’s horrific what these people did, we understand while watching that they were children and themselves unaware of a world outside of what they had been shown, and clearly dazzled by their first night exploring it, and seeing all its wealth. Did any of them have a horrible moment of realization that for the first time in their lives they were free and at that same moment forever enslaved to their fate?

I came away from this video thinking that there must be some way we, the targets of this random hatred, could prevent this type of thing from happening again, and again, and again.

Could there be some kindness that the world could bestow upon these desperate and ill informed people?

Poverty and isolation are as much enemies as are anything else. These young men were so clearly lost, so clearly were victims of their environments. I certainly don’t seek to excuse or forgive their actions. However, I do seek to find ways that these kinds of things can be eliminated from our modern lives. These boys were scammed. Their parents were scammed, and in this video it appears that Mumbai itself was scammed—and certainly taken for a long and tragic ride.

Were we to meet and talk, most of us would not hate. Somehow, puppet masters emerge among us, in the whole world, who make their puppets dance, and fight.

Let us find the ways to cut those strings!


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