Pat’s Place in Neah Bay, WA

So you’ve come all the way to the northwest corner of Washington State and you’ve seen the stunningly beautiful sights of Cape Flattery; now you’re ready for some good food and fun conversation. Maybe you want to discuss the issues of the day or ask a few questions about the fascinating Makah culture. From 12:00 to 5:00 pm, your best bet is Pat’s Place, named for the beautiful and talented Neah Bay native, Pat, and manned by her adoring and witty husband Julio. Pass an interesting afternoon with fry bread and oh so delicious pie. Watch for eagles and whales while you get to know the other diners. This is an experience you won’t want to miss as part of your Neah Bay and Cape Flattery adventure! As you enter town, just follow the signs.

A lie over the fireplace

It’s got to be the technical editor in me, but the answer to the following question bugs me. Is this Roosevelt elk male or female? The answer is both! Turns out the taxidermist attached antlers to a female’s head—because who wants a female head over the fireplace. Disturbing on so many levels!