There is way too much to do in India!

The more I learn about India, the more I want to see and the more I cannot see because I don’t have time.

Two months already I’ve known about this trip, and I still can’t get my head around it. I’m going to have to cut my travel aspirations to the bone, and just today I looked up World Heritage Sites in India, and I nearly fell out of my chair. Oh, I want to visit the Khajuraho temples in Madhya Pradesh oh so terribly badly, and I just won’t have time.

For Mumbai, I have a list that’s a mile long:

Oh, and then there are also the sites in Aurangabad:

And let’s not forget the interesting things I saw on the web for Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai):


How long am I staying? Oh, about 15 days.

P.S. Places unsafe for women at night. (Some due to wild animals and ghosts.)

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada 

An amazing find. I wish I had time to hike all of these trails!

Calico Hills:

Icebox Canyon: 
Tips: Go early in the morning in summer. The park gates open at 6 am. The entrance fee per vehicle is $7. Take water. A camel pack is good. Take additional water in your vehicle, such as a 5 gallon Collman storage can. Wear a hat. Remember to drink your water. The desert heat can sneak up on you and heat exhaustion can come on quickly. Protect yourself from the sun. I prefer clothing that covers my legs and a T shirt. Eat a low fat meal before going. Watch for desert wildlife and be aware that snakes often hide under rocks. Wear good hiking shoes and watch out for cacti. With these precautions, I find this area euphoric!

Vegas not for you? Take a hike!


I won’t lie. I was getting pretty depressed. It seemed that coming to Las Vegas was a poor choice. A bad decision and one that could and should have been avoided. Gambling, promiscuity, drunkenness. The ick factor outweighed the glitter and glam on every excursion. Then I discovered Red Rock Canyon and the Springs Ranch. These are heavenly places nestled up to Sin City. The Mohave desert is truly amazing. And hot and dry. If you’re considered a hike here, it pays to get up a 5 am to drive out there and then leave by 10 am. Take lots of water and drink it.