A little inspiration on a Wednesday

Word Wabbit has been going through an existential crisis. When you find yourself asking the big “Why?” every day, the search for answers becomes a bit pressing. When my “to do” list reached 100 items, I suddenly wondered why do any of it. The list will continue to grow, and I can’t tell that I’m getting anywhere. So I went searching for inspiration and this is what I found.

WW Notes to Self: Diet Tips

First I want to say thank you and welcome to the new followers who have shown up recently.

This is not a diet blog, but I have been making discoveries lately about diet that I don’t want to flee my consciousness because they seem to be key.

Basic Tips:

  1. Get aerobic exercise (25 minutes in evening; 25 minutes in morning). Perspire.
  2. Avoid dairy.
  3. Avoid sugar.
  4. Avoid flour.
  5. Eat green veggies.
  6. Eat eggs and salmon.
  7. Water.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Be nice to yourself.
  10. Repeat every day; measure in a month.
  11. Focus on the process—not the result.
  12. Trust the process.

I have lost 25 pounds doing basically this. I have not been perfect. Just like in meditation, when my focus wanders, I gently guide myself back to my intention. Just like in meditation, I forgive myself for losing focus and simply try again. When I can maintain this for several days at a stretch, I feel energetic and happy.